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Online Dating Article Tip #6 - Profiles

A Workable Profile

You know that feeling when you’re trying to apply for a job and you’re trying to make your resume look good? Ditto with creating an online profile of yourself. In the world of internet dating, your profile is your resume.

You should make clear what it is you’re looking for. Some people actually join internet dating sites for the sole purpose of making friends. Others have only no-strings-attached sex. The majority will have the idea of dating or relationships in mind. You make it a lot easier for yourself and others by stating your expectations.

You’re trying to sell yourself on all your good points here so go ahead and be informative. But like with a job interview, don’t just gloss over points; be specific.

Let’s say you enjoy travelling and you find someone else who shares that interest. Very good. But if you enjoy backpacking and they like hitting the shops and high spots, you can be sure that the idea of touring Europe may differ somewhat. And what seemed like a good holiday idea would end up disastrous.

It’s also okay to be honest about your bad points. No one’s expecting you to be perfect (just don’t go expecting the person you meet to be perfect either) and some people might actually find your little idiosyncrasies adorable.

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