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Online Dating Tip # 10

Have fun

You’re not applying to be the CEO of some huge conglomerate. Neither are you being screened by the army or anything. So just take it easy and have fun. Don’t take internet dating too seriously, or take it as seriously as you would ‘normal’ dating.

So you open your inbox and you’re not being bombarded with heaps of messages. So what? That doesn’t make you a failure in the dating department, there’s nothing wrong with you.

Just try going over your profile. There are lots of ways of making yourself sound more interesting and as always, having that photo helps.

And don’t wait for people to contact you either. You’re perfectly capable of contacting them yourself. And that’s part of the fun of internet dating. That you can just go and talk to anyone who catches your eye.

Also don’t be too serious in what you’re looking for. This isn’t a time to write a list of the qualities your partner MUST possess. Again, talk to anyone who seems fun and you never know; you might wind up liking someone you never thought you would.

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