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Online Dating Article Tip #8 - Email contact

E-mail Frenzy

So you’ve met someone you get along with and who seems to enjoy chatting to you as well. The natural line of progression here is to move from messaging on the site itself to mailing from your own personal e-mail.

The whole e-mail thing is important in the sense that you’re really beginning to talk about yourself and open up. And as always, there’s certain protocol to observe. Keep in mind you don’t want to look desperate and over the top. One or two e-mail a day sounds about right. There’s really no limit as to how much you should send, providing you are receiving replies to them. Its easy to slip into the whole e-mailing thing when you’re both bored at work and have nothing else better to do at your computers. That’s fun and safe (just make sure your boss doesn’t catch you at it).

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But if you’re not getting any replies, try tone it down a little. Its perfectly okay to leave it a few days and if you still hear nothing, write again and just mention that you feel he or she would rather you not write and if that’s the case, then you’ll cease contact. But give them a chance, maybe they’ve just been busy or have had some emergency. 

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